Foot surgery is, in most cases, only considered as a last resort.

You might not have expected to hear that from a highly trained foot surgeon, but it’s true. Whenever possible, we will always try to solve your painful foot problem conservatively. We even offer a lot of advanced surgical alternatives—cold laser therapy, custom orthotics, etc.—in order to give you the best possible chance.

However, sometimes surgery is truly necessary in order to restore your feet or ankles to proper working order. And when that happens, you can trust your feet to Dr. Anthony Spitz. He has specialized in a wide range of advanced techniques that can significantly improve outcomes while saving you both time and money.

Some of our surgical specialties include:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery refers to an advanced set of surgical procedures performed with specialized tools and that only require relatively small incisions to perform. This offers many significant benefits for our patients when compared to traditional open surgeries:

  • The risk of surgical complications is much lower.
  • Less downtime is required after surgery, with some people able to return to work and other ordinary activities within days.
  • Overall healing and rehab times are faster.
  • It saves money, especially since hospitalization is not required.
  • No plates, screws, wires, or other hardware are required to hold bones in place.
  • Better aesthetic results are possible due to less scarring.

Long-term outcomes for minimally invasive procedures are also as good or better when compared to other surgical procedures, too.


This is a specific, innovative type of minimally invasive surgery designed to correct certain types of flatfoot deformities. Dr. Spitz is one of only two doctors in Illinois fully certified in this procedure.

In many cases, foot pain and deformities—and even leg and back pain—are the result of feet that are misaligned. Often, this is due to the ankle bone being misaligned with the heel bone, which causes a small, naturally occurring gap between the two bones to collapse.

The HyProCure procedure inserts a specially designed titanium stent into the gap through a small incision. This realigns the two bones, as well as the rest of your standing skeletal system. And due to this improved foot structure and body biomechanics, pain is relieved.

On-Site Surgical Facility

Our office is equipped with a modern surgical suite, and almost all surgeries we provide can be performed here as outpatient procedures. There is no need to travel to a separate hospital or surgical center.

Not only is this especially convenient, but it also saves a considerable amount of time and money for our patients.

Do I Need Foot Surgery?

In general, surgery is usually considered if:

  • You are experiencing pain daily during ordinary activity, or pain is preventing you from participating in specific activities that are important to you (soccer, tennis, hiking, etc.).
  • All applicable conservative treatment options have been attempted without sufficient success, or have been ruled out.

That being said, every case is different. Dr. Spitz will always take as much time as necessary to carefully examine your condition, talk with you about your symptoms and your goals, and discuss all of your options carefully so that you can make a wise, informed decision.

One other important thing to consider: the sooner you seek help for your foot pain, the less likely surgery will be required. So don’t delay treatment!

Instead, give us a call at (847) 465-9311 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Spitz, or request an appointment online using the contact form on this website.

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